Play-off BINGO

Join The Agency in a game of BINGO during the Elite Series playoffs!

How does it work?

To enter the BINGO competition, you must fill out 16 squares on a Bingo card. You fill each square with a playoff scenario that you choose from a premade list, that you can find below.

For example; ‘D2’ and put it where you want.

How do I win?

There’s two ways to win: either by getting 4 in a row or by a full card. Once a row has been won by someone in the competition, you can no longer win that row. Keep an eye on our twitter feed to see if a row has been scored!

If you score a row or a full card, you must notify us on discord. We will then check to see if it checks out and you are indeed a winner!

What do I win?

We’re giving away Legion gaming sets to our first winners! Once those have been won, we’ll be in it for fun. And maybe a t-shirt. 

A Pentakill 1 A pentakill happens before 25 minutes in any game during playoffs
    2 Nobody gets a pentakill in all of playoffs
    3 A pentakill happens during the AGC vs Heet BO5
    4 A pentakill happens in any of 7AM’s games
    5 An ADC gets a pentakill
    6 A Swedish player gets a pentakill
    7 A pentakill gets denied
    8 Two pentakills happen during playoffs
B Quadrakill 1 Both teams in a single game get one
    2 Three happen in a single BO5
    3 More than 5 happen during all of playoffs
    4 More than three happen on a single player during all of playoffs
    5 None happen during all of playoffs
    6 Two happen back to back in a single game
    7 Aphelios gets one quadra kill
    8 One happens in each BO5
C Picks & Bans 1 A champion is 100% pick/ban during all of playoffs
    2 A player plays 5 different champs in a BO5
    3 A champion switches team every game during a 5-game BO5
    4 Teemo gets played
    5 Every game in a BO5 is specific champ banned
    6 A champion gets first picked in two full BO5 series
    7 A champion with more than 5 games played has a 100% winrate at the end of playoffs
    8 A champion with more than 5 games played has a 0% winrate at the end of playoffs
D Outplays 1 A player gets a double kill or better under tower
    2 A player survives with less than 2% HP twice in one game
    3 A player steals baron in a 1v5
    4 An ADC and Support survive a 2v5 dive
    5 A support gets a killing spree
    6 A player gets more than 10 kills in one game
    7 A player escapes certain death using teleport twice during playoffs
    8 A skillshot gets blocked by someone flashing in front of it twice during playoffs
E Jungle 1 A jungler gets level 6 before the enemy jungler gets level 3
    2 A jungler gets denied his first red and blue buffs in one game
    3 A jungler gets first blood/assist from a gank in all games in a BO5
    4 A jungler has the highest KDA in three or more games during a BO5
    5 A jungler gives away all blue buffs during a BO5
    6 A jungler smites all objectives in a single game (Herald, Dragons, Barons)
    7 A jungler doesn’t get a single kill in a single game
    8 A jungler reaches level 6 before mid and top twice during all of playoffs
F Objectives 1 A team wins without getting any neutral objectives
    2 A team gets two or more barons and loses
    3 An objective gets stolen three times in a game
    4 Baron gets stolen at least once in every game in a BO5
    5 A BO5 has the same Dragon Soul 3 times or more
    6 A team gets 2 dragons but the other team gets 4 dragons & soul
    7 Elder Dragon gets killed more than Baron in three or more games during playoffs
    8 The Rift Herald gets summoned one or more times without damaging a tower during a BO5
G Game Stats 1 All BO5’s are only 3 games
    2 All BO5’s are 5 full games
    3 There’s a reverse sweep
    4 Two games finish in 51 minutes or more
    5 Two games finish in 23 minutes or less
    6 There’s a first blood under 1 minute
    7 A team loses after being ahead over 15K gold
    8 A full BO takes less than 80 minutes in total gametime