Dutch Technology Festival

On the 18th of June, the team collectively traveled to the beautiful city of Eindhoven to attend the Dutch Technology Festival, DTF. It was a sunny day that everything gaming related right there at the venue. There were pro’s and streamers from all kinds of games. Minecraft, fifa, you name it. And as the sun went down, the team picked up it’s responsibility. It was their time to shine.

Starting off with some fun games, the guys played in an aram tournament – 2v2 on the Howling Abyss. As that came to a close it was time for the main course of the evening: a showmatch between The Agency and KRC Genk. A best of 3 match with a lot on the line: pride and bragging rights.

For those that remember, last split it was KRC Genk that sent the boys packing in their final ever Echo Zulu match. It was Genk, then, that won 3 to 1. And it was Genk that had beaten us just the week before the 18th. We had a bone to pick – and this was the time to do it.

Without dragging this out for too long, let’s get straight to the point: we beat ‘m. We got them 2 to 1, winning our first and third match. We beat them in style, and we beat them pretty hard. We came out flying with a Fiora top and Udyr jungle, zooming around the map and slapping fools. It was, as we say in the business, a stomp. And Genk must have agreed, because Udyr wouldn’t be allowed to come back next game. Genk adapted and took a game off us. They are, if nothing else, a worthy and strong opponent. But game three, we got ourselves back that game 1 magic and handed them their butts. It’s said the screams of the name “KEEEES” still echo the venue.

We won. We won the bragging rights and pride, but we also won a whole bunch of morale. Which is not to say Genk lost it – we just gained a lot. We went on to dominate the Elite Series and are looking forward to playoffs to see how well they can do in best of series. Though, if this was anything to go by, we’re gonna do just fine.


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