Meet The Team

We’re extremely proud of the team put together by Dipsy, The Law and Creabae this split – and the experienced squad is living up to expectations so far. After attending the Dutch Technology Festival to battle it out in a best of three against KRC Genk, a match seems to have been lit under them, blazing through the competition and making a big splash in weeks 3 and 4.

They’ve been flying our colors for a while – but we’ll never get tired of presenting the boys, so once more from the top:


There’s many quotes available about experience, and for good reason. Experience is key. But experience by itself is nothing – or we’d all be playing in the big leagues. Zhergoth is one of our key players because he combines that experience with excellent game knowledge, skill and love for the game. He’s been great this split – and if all goes well we may just forgive him the death that cost us our perfect game.

I Am Kees

You may know him from the toplane – but this summer he’s scuttling the rift and roaming the jungle. Whether it’s juking his enemies on wukong, coming out of the shadows on Viego or just straight up plopping down on his enemies on Zac – you won’t always see Kees coming, but you’re sure as hell gonna know he was there.


Did we mention we value experience? Kruimel started playing professionally at the same time Zhergoth did, and he’s been a big name ever since. A fondness of control mages, Kruimel brings consistency and stability to the map, all the way at it’s core – the midlane. But don’t let those words fool you. Whether it’s on Veigar or Viktor – if Kruimel sees a kill, he’s getting it.


Those that watched Echo Zulu’s final split know this guy as the absolute monster he is. If you’re a fan of the game – watch this guy play. Really watch him. His most played champion last split – Jhin – perfectly sums it: “My genius will be understood – eventually”. Yes, we really like this guy, and with this split’s team he should be set up for even greater succes than last split. 


Top, mid, jungle – they all describe where you’re going to find the players. In Rychly’s case, support also perfectly describes where you’ll find him. Cause whether it’s a gank on top, mid or a jungle invade – Rychly’s gonna be there to support his teammates. And when he does, well, you’re screwed. Pack it up, go home, cause every single one of those hooks and bubbles is gonna land, and they’re all gonna be devastating. Gg, wp.


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